Angry Artists

Installation, Arduino, Processing

Angry Artists is one interactive installation for the exibition "Geek Canvas" at Electricidade Est├ętica.

"Although still stigmatized, the street art is becoming increasingly important in the public space. Whether as social intervention, or as pure artistic creation, has gained credibility by connoisseurs and art curators.

Angry Artists meant to be a tribute to all the street artists for their maverick irreverence in opposition to the established system, bringing it indoors.

This is an interactive installation that merges the 'physical' world and the 'virtual' world on a animated wall, while providing the most up to date information about the artist, showing the last tweet written about him in the virtual sphere."

The video does not represent the location for which the installation was created for, it's a demo recorded in my living room. Source code can be found in this Github Repository