Installation, Arduino, Processing, Game development

This is one original project from Nuno Simaria for his Masters degree at Aveiro University. I gave a helping hand post project presentation for the exibitions at Future Places and Electricidade Est├ętica. I helped tweaking and improving graphics, game dynamics, wiring circuitry and the core implementation which were originally done by Nuno and his work group.

Blacklight is a real-life casual game developed in Processing and Arduino, with a Wii Nunchuk, two flashlights and some LEDs. Its core idea is to confront light against darkness, encouraging the audience to participate using any light sources they might have on them (lighters, matches, mobiles, etc...), gathering together to defeat the Black Lord who sits on a throne unsing the Nunchuck of power.

For more details visit the development blog, you can also get the source code from the SVN Repository