Menu In Pictures

Laravel, Vue.js, OSM, HTML, CSS, PHP

This project Menu In Pictures begun because many restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars lack updated menu pricing, if they even have a menu on their websites.

The goal of this project is to provide a crowd sourced map - and this is where YOU come in. When you go out for food or drinks, take a picture of the menu. You can share it anonymously. The entry will be moderated to make sure that the place exists as well as to prevent users from submitting malicious content.

The submission is completely anonymous. There is no record of your digital footprint, and the optional email field is there in case you want us to contact you regarding your submission. This email will never be made public. In addition, the EXIF data from your images will also be removed on upload.

I will try try to keep this website's cookies and analytics to a bare minimum, as well as keep it advertisement free for as long as it is possible.