Reasons of Light - Light and Space

Installation, Arduino, Motors

This installation is a collaboration between me, Tiago Margaça and Pedro Viegas. Tiago invited us both to present the closing piece Light and Space for his exhibition Reasons of Light at nun Raum für Kunst, Gespräche und Bohemiens.

The piece as the name suggests Light and Spaces, aims to transform the space trough light, allowing the spectator to interact with it, creating shadows, reflections, patterns etc... by manipulating a beam of light  across the room, in which several modules are in place granting the spectator the creation of it's own composition.

On the technical side the user controls both a stepper and a servo motor, with a thumb stick in which the X axis controls the stepper motor supporting a mirror aligned with a light source, and on the Y axis a servo that allows the light source to change color with light filters. The beam of light hits several modules scattered around the room creating different ambience affects.