StackUp - LDJAM #40

Unity, Gimp, Game development

This was the first time for both me and BitsAndCrafts ( the amazing artist that created the artwork ) to participate in a game jam, we made it trough the end of  Ludum Dare #40 with our entry StackUp \ ( º o º) /

Mistakes were made, never go for a Jam experimenting with rope physics if you never tried it before, but we also learned a whole lot during the process.
The game is far from finished ( not to say playable ) and it is uncertain that we ever to release a post game jam version at this point, the physics are totally chaotic, grabbing pieces is way off tuned and it is one of the main game mechanics, as far as level design is concerned, it just takes way too much time to get to the top for it to be enjoyable, but hey for a 72 hours jam we are very proud of it, it is definitely one experience to repeat.

StackUp is a stacking up game in which you control a cat with the keyboard and a crane with the mouse, can you help your four legged friend to reach the top?